Lymphedema Treatment Japan

Surgical treatment of lymphedema based on our own scientific data

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Dr. Makoto Mihara and his team

Dr. Makoto Mihara, Lymphedema Surgery Japan
Dr. Makoto Mihara, Lymphedema Surgery Japan
Dr. Makoto Mihara, Lymphedema Surgery Japan, Super-Microsurgery
Super-Microsurgery for Lymphedema

We provide the best treatment for you based on newest sicentific data. We combine lymphedema surgery (Lymphatic venous anastomosis, Lymph node transfer, liposuction etc.) and conservative treatment. Especially we focus on LVA, lymphatic vanous anastomosis, because of the less invasiveness. We performed over 400 LVA cases (limbs) per year, the biggest lymphedema surgery center in the world. No moderate or severe complications have occurred in the last five years, and the occurrence of relatively minor complications such as wound dehiscence is less than 0.1%. Patients should feel comfortable and at ease to undergo surgery. We collaborate with JR Tokyo General Hospital.

Examples of cases

Lymphedema Surgery Japan, Cellulitis, Makoto Mihara
Lymphedema Surgery Japan, Cellulitis treatment

A female in her 60s (First case). She had been treated with surgery, radiation therapy, and anti-cancer drugs for cervical cancer. Lymphedema, cellulitis, and lymphorrhea occurred immediately after the treatments, and life in society was very difficult for her. The symptoms improved with the LVA surgery. She have no cellulitis and lymphorrhea now, And She can enjoy dance school every week!


New treatment and prevention of lymphedema cellulitis, lymphedema treatment japan
New treatment and prevention of Cellulitis, Lymphedema Treatment Japan
Lymphedema Treatment Japan
Improvement of Lymphedema Cellulitis

LVA can prevent the development of cellulitis associated with lymphedema (redness on the affected area and a systemic fever of 38.5 degrees or higher). The incidence rate of cellulitis can be reduced to about one-eighth after having an LVA procedure. Our success rate is 92%.


Lymphedema Pain, Lymphedema Treatment Japan
LVA reduces pain associated lymphedema

LVA can improve the pain and discomfort associated lymphedema. Our success rate is 94.3%. We can distingish lymphedema pain and neurotropphic pain with lymphoscintigraphy. If you are suffering from pain associated lymphedema, please contact us. Details.

Diagnosis of lymphedema and Japan’s latest treatment options (conservative and surgical treatment)

Features / Mominoki Day Surgery Clinic

We carry out lymphatic venous anastomosis for more than 400 cases (limbs) per year

Currently, our medical care team performs lymphatic venous anastomosis for more than 400 cases (limbs) every year. This number of surgery cases is the highest in the world. Lymphatic venous anastomosis is performed based on our extensive experience, and we have been producing stable surgical results. Furthermore, complications such as nerve disorders or infections have not occurred in the last five years. The occurrence of minor complications (such as the postoperative wound healing poorly, wound dehiscence, and so on) is less than 0.1%.

Providing a course of treatment for lifetime care

We work together with patients to decide on a course of treatment for their lifetime, such as 10, 20, 30, or 50 years after treatment, as well as short-term management. We are also able to follow up international patients after they return to their home country in collaboration with a medical coordinator.

Various approaches to meet patient needs

We practice team-based health care with experienced surgeons in the field of lymphatic surgery and lymphatic therapists in various fields (nurses, physical therapists, massage and acupressure therapists, and so on) to provide various approaches to meet patient needs.

Support for working patients with meticulous care

We provide sensitive support for working patients. Our clinic is open on Saturdays, and offers same-day surgeries (an overnight stay is also possible). As a general rule, lymphatic venous anastomosis is performed under local anesthesia. Patients can walk immediately after the operation, and may be able to go home on the same day, depending on the pathological condition or operative procedure.


Collaboration with health care providers, clinics, and more, with lymphatic therapists in Japan and overseas

In order to provide care with a combination of surgical and conservative treatment, we work in partnership with health care providers, clinics, and more, with lymphatic therapists in Japan and overseas. We collaborate with clinics located in various parts of Japan, so patients living at a long distance can also feel comfortable to receive treatment. If they wish, our clinic can refer patients to therapists we trust. Our medical care team has been improving our systems to ensure that patients traveling from abroad as well as those living in Japan can feel comfortable and at ease while undergoing treatment.


Our clinic is working in partnership with Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. (EAJ) to provide efficient, reliable, and safe medical services to international patients. International patients who would like to receive our medical care are asked to contact EAJ directly. LVA can improve your lymphedmea symptoms. If you are suffering from them, please contact us without hesitation. We want to treat and welcome you.

Please enjoy Japan Trip

We perform LVA under local anesthesia. And you can enjoy Japan trip 2-3 days after LVA surgery. You can do sports and hot spa 'Onsen' 7days after LVA. We recommend Tokyo and Kyoto, Nikko etc... Please check video before your trip!

Video introducing Mominoki Day Surgery Clinic

Mominoki Day Surgery Clinic specializes in same-day surgeries for lymphedema, which are offered by advance appointment only.

Our clinic is very small, but we possess extensive medical evidence that has been published in journals or presented at academic conferences.

We have experienced doctors who perform more than 300 lymphatic venous anastomosis (LVA) procedures per year as well as the latest medical devices.

Diseases we treat

Types of diseases we treat
Upper limb lymphedema Lower limb lymphedema Genital lymphedema
Cellulitis associated with lymphedema Pain associated with lymphedema Lymphocyst and lymphorrhea
Chylous pleural effusion and ascites (adults and children) Pediatric lymphedema

Lymphatic Venous Anastomosis


LVA is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that causes little trauma to the body and is performed under local anesthesia. By connecting lymphatic vessels and veins using a powerful microscope and the world's finest thread, the flow of lymph can improve, which in turn will alleviate symptoms such as swelling, cellulitis, pain, and so on. With the establishment of technologies that make it possible to identify lymphatic vessels and veins prior to surgery, the surgical procedure has become highly safe and reliable. To date, we have treated more than 1500 cases (limbs) in patients from Japan and overseas.