Lymphedema Treatment Specialist【Director: Makoto Mihara】

Mukumi Clinic, Lymphedema Clinic Tokyo

An exclusive clinic just for you to stay healthy and live to “100 years old!”

The clinic specializes in treating lymphedema using the latest scientific data and therapeutic techniques. We offer personalized treatment tailored to each patient by combining conservative treatment, rehabilitation, and same-day LVA surgery. We can treat cases from very early onset to severe lymphedema. We are open on Saturdays and holidays to accommodate those with busy schedules. We also collaborate with the patient’s family healthcare provider to give long-term support from a professional perspective.

For Appointments

Appointments can be booked via Emergency Assistance Japan. For more information, click “Contact”.

Mukumi Clinic, Lymphedema Clinic Tokyo

We perform one or two surgeries daily. Privacy is ensured so patients and their families do not encounter each other. The clinic staff, waiting room, operating room, and recovery room are prepared to greet just you (the patient and their family members/companions) on preoperative outpatient visits and surgery day. We offer hospitality by being courteous and flexible in providing an exclusive clinic just for you.

Prevention Cellulitis for Lymphedema patients

When lymphedema-related cellulitis occurs, it damages your own lymph vessels and worsens your lymphedema. As lymphedema worsens, the frequency of cellulitis increases, and the rate of worsening of lymphedema increases.

Therefore, it is important to prevent the occurrence of cellulitis in order to stop the worsening of lymphedema. Appropriate treatment (conservative therapy and lymphovenous anastomosis) can prevent the occurrence of cellulitis.

Preventing the occurrence of cellulitis allows patients to live a healthy and happy life. At our clinic, we help lymphedema patients live a life with peace of mind.

About Doctors

Director Makoto Mihara, M.D.

Lymphedema specialist【Director: Makoto Mihara】
Lymphedema specialist【Director: Makoto Mihara】

Our medical team’s slogan is “Let’s do something about lymphedema!” Treatment and diagnostic technology advances have allowed treating patients with mild to severe symptoms, including cellulitis and pain. We encourage you to come and see us. Don’t give up yet.

In Japan, 150,000 patients are suffering from lymphedema, and it is estimated that 200 million people suffer worldwide. “We must do something about this disease.” We aim to treat people with lymphedema at home and abroad.

We have 2 female doctors working with the Director, Makoto Mihara.

Naoko Hara, M.D.

Dr. Naoko Hara (plastic surgeon) works at JR Tokyo General Hospital, Lymphatic Surgery/Reconstructive Surgery and will see patients every Tuesday afternoon at our clinic. For patients with genital lymphedema and genital lymph vesicles, examinations will be performed by a female doctor and a female therapist.

Mari Kawahara, M.D.

Dr. Mari Kawahara (vascular surgeon) has been performing “lymphedema” examinations with Dr. Makoto Mihara and Dr. Naoko Hara for almost 10 years. She is a specialist in lymphedema and venous diseases. At our hospital, she is responsible for telephone consultations, performing ICG tests, explaining lymphoscintigraphy test procedures and online examinations.

Noriko Ikehata, Senior Lymph Therapist

She has treated over 2000 lymphedema patients to date.

Yoko Ito, Nurse

Responsible for managing the outpatient clinic, operating room, safety and infection control

Miki Katsuki, Nurse

Responsible for managing surgery, outpatient clinic and online consultations

Office Hours/Access

3F toDOe Yoyogi Building, 1-35-3 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

*The building with Lawson is on the 1st floor, and Hoshino Coffee is on the 2nd floor.

Weekdays, Saturdays, and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (by appointment only)


All visits, including preoperative consultation (examination), explanation, and same-day LVA surgery, are only by appointment. Reservations can be made through Emergency Assistance Japan.

LVA Day surgerySurgery 

LVA Surgical Achievements: Treated approximately 4,000 cases (limbs) (from the start of practice to the end of October 2023)

We provide LVA procedure as an outpatient surgery.

LVA, liposuction, radical operation for elephantiasis, and lymph node transplantation under general anesthesia are performed at the JR Tokyo General Hospital, Lymphatic Surgery/Reconstructive Surgery, to ensure safety.


For details, please consult with Dr. Mihara during the doctor’s visit.


Our clinic performs the highest number of LVA surgeries in the world. The complication rate is less than 0.1%, and the surgery can be performed safely.

An exclusive clinic just for you

Diseases we treat

Types of diseases we treat
Upper limb lymphedema Lower limb lymphedema Genital lymphedema
Cellulitis associated with lymphedema Pain associated with lymphedema Lymphocyst and lymphorrhea
Chylous pleural effusion and ascites (adults and children) Pediatric lymphedema

Thorough Measures Against COVID-19 Infection

COVID infection and “Avoid the Three Cs” measures are taken carefully at the Lymphedema Clinic Tokyo. All possible infection control measures are in place by using the latest high-performance ventilation system (Daikin Ventiere) to ventilate the air inside and outside the clinic constantly.

Patient Feedback

Lymphedema Clinic Tokyo has commissioned a survey by Sogo Medical and posted a patient satisfaction survey. Our staff will offer patients a relaxing and comfortable experience. The following are excerpts from the patient feedback.

40 - 64 years old

I am pleased to be seen by a famous doctor who specializes in lymphedema. The staff are kind, and the hospital is reasonably designed to provide safe and comfortable visits. The clinic embodies the director’s ideals, such as balancing between surgery and conservative treatment. The hospital also has a friendly atmosphere, allowing patients to relax and see the doctor without feeling nervous.

65 - 74 years old

Dr. Mihara’s explanations and examinations are in-depth and easy to understand. The most important, I believe, is to feel safe and trustworthy. The staff are cheerful and helpful, seeing things from the patient’s perspective. The clinic was clean and bright. The images on the monitor were easy to see and understand. I felt comfortable in the operating room. Thank you very much.

65 - 74 years old

Dr. Mihara, the nurses, and the staff were wonderfully kind and considerate. I felt kindness, especially during the surgery when the doctor explained and casually talked with me while watching the monitor. I was able to complete the surgery smoothly and without anxiety. It is an outstanding hospital. 

40 - 64 years old

It took a while from the initial consultation to the surgery because I had to travel a long distance. Still, I am glad I could receive treatment at the Lymphedema Clinic Tokyo.
I was impressed by the advanced skills of the doctors, the specialized environment, and the warmth and cheerfulness of the staff.

65 - 74 years old

I appreciate all the help you have given me. The doctor and the staff were kind and relieved my anxiety. The post-operative coffee and snacks/chocolates helped me unwind. Thank you very much.

65 - 74 years old

I felt the doctor and staff were very kind. They explained thoroughly and quickly took care of little details, which I thought was amazing.I felt comfortable during the surgery. Thank you very much.

About Lymphedema

Please enjoy Japan Trip

We perform LVA under local anesthesia. And you can enjoy Japan trip 2-3 days after LVA surgery. You can do sports and hot spa 'Onsen' 7days after LVA. We recommend Tokyo and Kyoto, Nikko etc... Please check video before your trip!